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28 December 2006 @ 02:22 pm
Translation of Kanjani Tsushin "First Kiss"  
Hahahah I said I'll stop translating but I can't stop since I translated the part of Mugendai no Gimon
This is some part of radio called "Kanjnai Tsushin". I'm not sure the date that on aired this but it's quite old because Uchi is there.
They were talking about something Maru said "It sounds like a girl's comic book's story".
I guess they were talking about someone's/listener's first kiss story...
*Sadly, Subaru is not there for some reason*

Kanjani Tsushin "First Kiss"

Yoko: "How was your first kiss Hina-chan?"
Hina: "Me? My first kiss was...when I was in 9th grade"
Yoko: "9th grade?"
Yasu: "I see"
Hina: "9th grade and this girl was my childhood friend since elementary school"
Yoko: "Oh (laughs) this is first time I heard about this"
Hina: "Yea this is first time I told this story."
Yoko: "Please say the whole story"
Uchi: "Whole story (laughs)"
Hina: "Well I was kinda had a crush on her. She was my childhood friend but yea"
Yoko: "Yea that happens"
Hina: "We were thinking of high school's exams too"
Yoko: "Yea"
Hina: "When she came over to my house, my younger brother and I were sharing the room"
All: "Yea"
Hina: "So I told him to go play some games downstairs."
All: "Yea"
Ohkura: "How nice"
Hina: "So he went downstairs."
All: "Yea"
Hina: "While he's playing game at downstair, we were talking about love and such"
Yoko: "Yea"
Hina: "While we were talking about it, for some reason our mood went to like, I don't know but...yea. like, 'should we try kissing?'"
All: "Yea"
Ohkura: "Eh~"
Hina: "And yea. We kissed"
Yoko: "How was the taste?"
Hina: "It was french kiss and the taste was...well we were drinking green tea so"
Hina: "It was a taste of a leaf"
Maru: "It tasted like a leaf? (laughs)"
Hina: "Yea it did (laughs)"
All: "I see"
Maru: "This is first time I heard about this"
Hina: "Well yea this is first time I told about this"
Maru: "Its a fresh kind of story."
Yoko: "Yea"

Hina: "Ryo-chan how about you?"
Ryo: "My first kiss? (laughs)"
Hina: "Yea"
Ryo: "Mine was...when was it um.....(laughs) It's okay that I say the real story right?"
Hina: "Of course"
Ryo: "I think mine was around 7th to 8th grade"
Hina: "Ah I see"
Yoko: "Yea"
Ryo: "...Should I stop it right here?"
Hina: "No no, keep going"
Maru: "You can say the whole thing"
Ryo: "Well the girl was the girl who I had a crush on to"
Hina: "Yea"
Ryo: "She was a little older than me"
Yoko: "Older girl!?"
Ryo: "Yea she was older than me"
Hina: "Senpai from school?"
Ryo: "Yea"
Yoko: "You serious!!?"
Ryo: "And...my kiss got stolen"
Hina: "Oh so she kissed you?"
Ryo: "(laughs) Yea"
Ohkura: "What a guy"
Yoko: "(laughs) You are telling us such an amazing story"
Ryo: "I know"
Yoko: "Your kiss got stolen!!"
Ryo: "Yea, my first kiss got stolen"
Hina: "I see...well you were such a cutie that time"
Hina and Yasu: "He was small too"
Ryo: "Yea"

Yoko: "My first kiss was...."
Hina: "No one asked you Yokoyama-san (laughs)"
*Yasu laughs*
Hina: "Seriously no one did"
Maru: "He wants us to hear"
Yoko: "I kissed with my Mother when I was 3 years old"
Hina: "We did'nt need to hear that!!"
Yasu: "With Mother huh..."
Ohkura: "We did'nt really need to hear that"
Uchi: "That wasn't funny"
Ryo: "I wanted you to tell us the real story"
Hina: "Me too"
Maru: "Yea"
Uchi: "He made an excuse to run away."

Ryo: "How about you, Uchi?"
Yoko: "Yea, how about Uchi?"
Uchi: "Me!? (laughs) It's okay to say the real story?"
Hina: "Of course"
Uchi: "Mine was...around 8th grade"
Yoko: "With who?"
Uchi: "...The girl who I used to like that time"
Yoko: "Name?"
Uchi: "...Hiroe-chan (laughs)"
*Everybody laughs*
Hina: "Hiroe!"
Yoko: "He said it! He just said it!!"
Ohkura: "Wow"
Yoko: "He said it"
Yasu: "Hiroe-chan!"
Hina: "Hiroe~"
Ryo: "Hiroe-chan?"
Uchi: "Yea, she is Hiroe-chan"
Yoko: "Ahhh"
Uchi: "I kissed with Hiroe-chan"
Yoko: "Oh"
Uchi: "Well I guess she kissed me (like Ryo's story)"
Yoko: "You too!?"
Uchi: "Yea kinda...because I wasn't thinking of kissing her"
Yoko: "Yea"
Hina: "And she kissed you"
Uchi: "We weren't like a couple or anything. Just going back to home together"
Yasu: "Yea"
Uchi: "Where I used to live is kinda country and we used a path through rice fields for short cut"
Hina: "From school to house?"
Uchi: "Yes and when we were walking the path through rice fields, she suddenly turn around to me and..."
Yoko: "You serious!?"
Hina: "Eh!? So you guys kissed at the middle of a paddy field?"
Uchi: "Yea at the rice field"
Hina: "Ah i see"
Maru: "Tan-chu?!"
(Tanbo means a rice field and chu means kiss)
Uchi: "She hugged me too"
Hina: "Seriously?!"
Maru: "Wow good for you~"

Hina: "How about Yasu? Where was your first kiss place? Tennoji Zoo?"
(Tennoji Zoo is a one of popular zoo at Osaka)
Yasu: "You pissed me off"
*Everybody burst at laughing*
Yasu: "Cut it out"
Yoko: "He actually say it back!"
*Still laughing and repeating "cut it out" from Yasu*
Yasu: "Mine was...for real story?"
Ryo: "Yea"
Yasu: "For real story mine was around 8th grade too"
Yoko: "With who?"
Yasu: "With who? (laughs) Well the girl I used to like"
Ryo: "Chimpanzee? (laughs)"
Yasu: "(laughs) Of course not!"
Ryo: "(laughs) Sorry, my mistake"
Yoko: "What is her name?"
Yasu: "Her name? Umm what was it...the real name right?"
Uchi: "You really don't remember?"
Yoko: "Why the heck don't you remember a girl's name who got your first kiss?"
Hina: "You should remember! Mine was Mai-chan"
Yoko: "Mai-chan?"
Hina: "Yea. Mai-chan"
Maru: "Really?"
Hina: "Yea"
Yoko: "Hmm. How about Nishikido?"
Ryo: "I...don't know (laughs)"
Yasu: "See! People will forget these things"
Yoko: "No, he does know"
Ryo: "Well yea I know but it might give trouble to her so"
Hina: "It's okay!! It's just a first name!"
Ryo: "Oh I see"
Yoko: "Yea. Mine was Minako"
Hina: Your Mom right? (laughs)"
Hina: "Minako is your Mom's name (laughs)"
Yoko: "Everyone should know my Mom's name"
Hina: "Oh well forget the name for Yasu. So what is your story?"

Yasu: "Well it was at the class room"
Ryo: "Oh at school!?"
Uchi: "I see"
Hina: "I never kissed a girl at the class room"
Yoko: "At the class room!?"
Yasu: "Yea at the class room"
Yoko: "At where?"
Yasu: "Eh? At the class room"
Yoko: "Inside the backpack?"
Yasu: "...What the???"
Hina: "(laughs) What the heck are you talking about?"
Yasu: "And we were all chatting..."
Hina: "You guys kissed at the middle of chatting!!?"
Yasu: "No we were chatting for a short time"
Hina: "Oh!!!"
(Someone is getting too excited lol)
Yasu: "We were chatting while cleaning the classroom and we have to go throw away the trash outside"
Hina: "Well yea someone have to go sometime"
Yasu: "I have to throw away the trash also but I was still cleaning, so the girl turns around and came back inside of the classroom and kissed me"
Yoko: "Are you serious!!?"
Yasu: "Yes"
Uchi: "Lie!!"
Ohkura: "Who the heck are you!?"
Maru: "Wow!!"
Hina and Ryo: "I see"
Yasu: "Eighth graders were precocious at that time"
Yoko: "No they weren't!"
Maru: "No no no"
Ryo: "Well, your story is a lie right?"
Yasu: "No it's not!"
Ryo: "It's a lie"
Hina: "The girl who kissed you was your classmate right?"
Yasu: "Yea she was my classmate"
Hina: "Then you should remember her name!"
Yasu: "That's why I'm perplexed right now!!!!"
Hina: "(laughs) Why do you have to be angry at me?"
All: "Ah...How cruel..."
Yasu: "No no(laughs) Everybody thinks that I'm a liar but no, I'm not!"
Ryo: "Ok we understand it"
Hina: "Yup yup"
Yasu: "Oh and the listener-sans too! I'm not lying about this story!!"
Yoko: "Ok forget it"

Hina: "How about Tacchon? Do you remember??"
Ohkura: "I don't have that kind of story"
Hina: "What? It's too late to say that"
Ohkura: "Sorry"
Yoko: "It's ok for me. We already did it once"
Hina: "Yea, we already said it by Minako and thats enough"
Ohkura: "But the listeners might don't want to hear these kind of story from me"
Hina: "No we wanted to hear"
Maru: "Yea let us hear it"
Hina: "We don't know so, we want to know"
Yoko: "Who was your first kiss? Don't say its Nikuman (laughs)"
(Nikuman is a steamed bun with meat in it)
Hina: "That's funny!"
Yasu: "Yea it was"
Ohkura: "Yea"
Yoko: "See you should have said it like, "My first kiss was with a Nikuman'"
Ohkura: "Yea I should have"
Yasu: "That's funny"
Hina: "Yea that was funny...ok well for the real story"
Ohkura: "Ok for real right?"
Hina: "Yea"
Yoko: "When I kissed the Nikuman, Nikuman said 'oink' (laughs)"
Hina: "Nikuman said that!? Wow that Nikuman sure is funny"
Uchi: "That is funny (laughs)"
Ohkura: "Yea"
Maru: "Oh I got it...it was Butaman right?"
(Butaman is a steamed bun with pork in it)
*burst at laughing*
Hina: "You said that because of meat and oink?"
Maru: "Yea (laughs)"
Hina: "Cow (meat) or Pig (pork)"
Ohkura: "Ohh"
Maru: "Ohh"
Ohkura: "Ok so the real story...My real first kiss was when I was in 8th grade"
Yoko: "Name?"
Ohkura: "Kana-chan"
Hina: "Oh, Kana-chan"
Yoko: "KANA-CHAN!!?"
Maru: "Waaah!"
Hina: "How was the situation?"
Ohkura: "Situation?"
Hina: "Yea"
Ohkura: "Situation was...well, we were playing"
Hina: "Yea"
Yoko: "With KANA-CHAN?"
Ohkura: "(laughs) Yea with Kana-chan"
Hina: "Well yea duh. They're going to kiss in a moment"
Ohkura: "We were playing and when we was about to go home, she told me to close my eyes"
Yoko: "KANA-CHAN told you that!?"
Ohkura: "Yes"
Hina: "Oh"
Ohkura: "And when I close my eyes...she held my face with her hand and kissed me"
Yoko: "From KANA-CHAN!!?"
Hina: "Shut up!!"
Hina: "It's so obvious that all of that is Kana-chan!!!"
Yoko: "Kana-chan did all of that?"
Ohkura: "Yes Kana-chan did all of this"
Hina: "She hold your face with her hand?"
Ohkura: "Yea"
Maru: "How romantic"
Uchi: "How cute"
Ohkura: "Yea"
Hina: "I see"
Yasu: "Hmm"
Yoko: "I see...That happened to you huh"
Hina: "Seriously. I never knew"

Yoko: "How about you? Maru gorilla"
Maru: "Maru gorilla? (laughs)"
*Yoko laughs*
Maru: "(laughs) Me? For me, it was at the nurse's office"
Yoko: "Eh!!?"
Uchi: "Nurse's office?"
Yoko: "hvjdaldgjfo;" (don't know what he said;;)
Yasu: "Oh with the teacher?"
Ohkura: "What the heck"
Uchi: "Great..."
Hina: "The school nurse?"
Maru: "It was when I was elementary school...3rd grade"
Hina: "3RD GRADE!?"
Maru: "Third grade"
Yasu: "How early!"
(calm down Hina;;)
Yasu: "Damn how early"
Ohkura: "Eh, with who?"
Maru: "I just happened to hurt my leg at P.E."
Yasu: "Yea"
Maru: "So I was laying on the bed"
Hina: "Yea"
Maru: "And..."
Yoko: "Name?"
Maru: "Eh?"
Yoko: "What is the person's name who kissed you?"
Maru: "Ah...Matchan (laughs)"
All: "Matchan!? (laughs)"
Yoko: "I have a bad feeling...But well let's hear the story (laughs)"
Ohkura: "You(Maru)'re that way? (laughs)"
Hina: "Well ok. Let's just hear it (laughs)"
Yasu: "Uh~ I don't like this (laughs)"
Ryo: "Let's hear it first (laughs)"
Yoko: "I seriously have a bad feeling for this (laughs)"
Ryo and Uchi: "It's ok (laughs)"
Hina: "First just listen"
Yasu: "Yea, come on"
Hina: "You were laying on the bed because you were injured. And then?"
Maru: "And...She came to nurse's office"
Ohkura: "Yea"
Maru: "She came because she was worried about me"
Yoko: "Yea"
Maru: "She was having a stomachache so she drank medicine"
Hina: "The girl?"
Maru: "Yea and she just...like opened and said 'Are you ok?'"
Hina: "Yea"
Maru: "And like..."
Hina: "Opened...she pulled the blanket from your face, right"
Maru: "Yea and I replied, 'I'm ok'"
Hina: "Yea"
Maru: "When I said that, she just suddenly and..."
Yoko: "Seriously!?"
Yasu: "Just so suddenly!?"
Hina: "From her?"
Maru: "Right"
Hina: "Eh?"
Ohkura: "Isn't that weird?"
Maru: "Eh?"
Hina: "Is Matchan a 3rd grader too?"
Maru: "Eh Matchan is a 3rd grader too"
Yoko: "Matchan is what, a boy or a girl?"
Maru: "A b-...girl"
Yoko: "A girl?"
Yasu: "(laughs) You was about to say a boy"
Hina: "You said 'A bo-..girl' (laughs)"
Maru: "Girl, girl"
Yoko: "I don't know if it's Maru..."
*Burst at laughing*
Maru: "WHY!?"
Hina: Matchan...right?"
Yoko: "It feels like if he just got the sexual urge change"
Hina: "Yea...like some change"
Ohkura, Ryo, Uchi: "Yea"
Yasu: "like transsexual"
Uchi: "Yea that's the right word"
Hina: "Didn't you have transsexualism on the way?"
Maru: "No I didn't" (He kinda said it in a gay's tone)
*some "....." on first and started laughing*
Hina: "Why is your tone of voice is so gay?"
Yasu: "(laughs) He said it so fast"
Yoko: "No I didn't" (Copying Maru and said it in a gay's tone)
Maru: "(laughs) No seriously, I didn't"
Hina: "I see"

Yoko: "Well everybody does have a first kiss's story"
Uchi: "My heart was beating"
Hina: "But isn't this is the first time we talk about this kind of stuff?"
Uchi: "Yea"
Ohkura: "This is the first time"
Yoko: "Yea it's the first time I heard it. It would be silly if we talk stuff like this in private"
Ryo: "That's so true"
Ohkura: "Yea"
Hina: "Like asking the members 'When was your first kiss~?'"
Yoko: "Well we might change if we talk stuff like this in private"
Yasu: "Yea"
Hina: "Well yea"
Hina: "I'm sure we'll change (laughs)"
Ohkura: "Well yea"
Yoko: "Like dirty stories"
Ohkura: "Yea"
Hina: "Well I wanted to hear from Subaru too"
Ryo: "Seriously"
Yasu: "Ahh..."
Yoko: "No, no. We better not hear it from Subaru. Really"
Yoko: "He's story is seriously no use"
Yoko: "No seriously!! If Subaru started, we can't go into his delusion world"
Hina: "True (laughs)"
Ohkura: "Yea"
Hina: "It'll be restricted (laughs)"
Ohkura: "There is no point then"
Ryo: "Well That is Subaru-kun so"
Hina: "Yea. Okay, today we talked about a little special story"

HERE (MU)/(YSI) is the link of this radio :]
credit to: kanjani8

*Thank you to my friend Lena for checking my translation as always!!*
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Lawi: Subassanlawi_chan on January 24th, 2007 04:42 am (UTC)
Thanks for this.... it's so much fun... this is my fave. part:
Yasu: "For real story mine was around 8th grade too"
Yoko: "With who?"
Yasu: "With who? (laughs) Well the girl I used to like"
Ryo: "Chimpanzee? (laughs)"
Yasu: "(laughs) Of course not!"
Ryo: "(laughs) Sorry, my mistake"

LOL Hahahahaah
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stephanietomapi_rabu on January 24th, 2007 06:52 am (UTC)
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LOLOL XD thanks ALOT for translating! and omg that girl who kissed ryo is sucha lucky kid )): IMAGINE YOU KISSED ONE OF THEM AND IT WAS THEIR FRIST KISS HOMG. LOL XD and ryo's so sweet.

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<33 XDDD oh yeah do u still have the radio clip? if you do, could you PLEASEEEEEE ul it? ^^;

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ahahah thank you :]
oh well he did but im not finish translating;; im sorry(-_-;)
lol Yoko is such a sweetheart(^v^)
thank you!! i luv it too('v'b)b
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(Anonymous) on January 28th, 2007 11:55 pm (UTC)
LOL that was entertaining! i wanna hear Tacchons real story!! pooh hahaha how've you been?
yellow_cherry on January 28th, 2007 11:58 pm (UTC)
whoops sorry! 4got to log in XD
(p_-|< Ayumi/KuraTa ]: Ohkura Heat upsubaru_wind8 on January 31st, 2007 02:36 pm (UTC)
hahah it was XD
i'll translate them and post it soon as i can :]
im kinda busy with lots of stuff these days;;
sorry for the slow update :[[[
yufangggyufanggg on January 29th, 2007 11:18 am (UTC)
heh~thanks for the translation!!!yoko was hilarious!muack~~
(p_-|< Ayumi/KuraTa ]: Yokosubaru_wind8 on January 31st, 2007 02:36 pm (UTC)
ur welcome :]
Yoko is always hilarious XD
Lawi: Subaru peace*3lawi_chan on January 30th, 2007 01:58 am (UTC)
LMAO how cruel they didn't believe Yasu.... Hahaha I think it was a pretty normal-kawaii story!! And poor Ohkura, he ended up with Butaman Hahaha
thanks for translating
(p_-|< Ayumi/KuraTa ]: Yasu 1subaru_wind8 on January 31st, 2007 02:37 pm (UTC)
lol Yasu always get picks on from the members XD
ur welcome :]
∞ Niki ₮₩ttxryo_nic on January 31st, 2007 01:18 pm (UTC)
ah..gomen im late to check this translation out but omg!! sugoiii!! i mus say i love eito for their sense of humor!!
spread eito rabu around ne^^!
thanks for the translation ma..<333
(p_-|< Ayumi/KuraTa ]subaru_wind8 on January 31st, 2007 02:39 pm (UTC)
no, u are never late to check/comment on my post :]
hahah yea me too XD
yup! thats why im doing their lovely translation heheh
ur welcome :]
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澄美: ヒナちゃんsubi on February 4th, 2007 01:11 pm (UTC)
Took MU link, thank you for the translation! ^^
(p_-|< Ayumi/KuraTa ]: 8→1subaru_wind8 on February 4th, 2007 09:53 pm (UTC)
ur welcome!