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11 February 2007 @ 05:06 pm
MC translation (12.25.06 in Nagoya)  
MC translation

1st -Greeting MC- (During 13:08~17:13)
Ohkura: "Yeah! Good evening! We are Kanjnai8!! Merry Christmas!"
"Merry Christmas!!"
Ohkura: "Merry Christmas!!"
"Merry Christmas!!!"
Ohkura: "Kanjani Santa has now arrived!"
Ohkura: "Did everybody look forward to our concert today??" (He kinda bubbled the last few words)
"Yeah!!!" (laughs)
Ohkura: "We looked forward to it too!!"
Ohkura: "Let's all sweat and have fun today!!!!"
Yasu: "Nagoya yeah~!!"
Yasu: "Are you guys having fun? Yeah~!!"
Yasu: "This side, Yeah!!!"
Yasu: "This side, Yeah!!!"
Yasu: "Everybody, Yeah!!!!"
Yasu: "You guys, come along with us until the end!!"
"Kyaaaaaaah~!!" (lots of fan's screaming XD;;)
Hina: "Thank you! I'm Murakami Shingo~!!"
Hina: "My solo concert ended peacefully!"
"Yay~!!" (clapping their hands)
Hina: "Thank you so much (self-conscious laugh). Well I know that some of you couldn't come but,
after the solo concert I have changed and I came back here as Kanjani Santa"

Hina: "On top of that, the first place is Nagoya"
Hina: "Today something might occur about Murakami"
Hina: "Besides, it's christmas"
Hina: "The hat...we were wearing the hat (Santa's). Ryo-chan and Tacchon and me and...Probably we'll wear it only today"
*lots of cheering and screaming*
Hina: "Well it's because christmas! If we wear it other than christmas, thats just a weird right?"
Hina: "So today, can we make a great christmas?"
Hina: "Can we?!"
Hina: "Okay! Let's have a blast until the end!!"
Maru: "Sorry for making you guys wait~"
*lots of cheering and screaming*
Maru: "Marrrrrrrruyyyama Rrrrrryyuheeeei!!!"
*laughing and screaming*
Maru: "Today is your first time in here...can you guys do it!!!??"
Maru: (laughs) "Thank you very much. Please enjoy it until the end"
(laughs) "Yeah!!!!"
Subaru: "Good evening!!"
"Good evening!"
Subaru: "It's me"
Subaru: "Long time no came to Nagoya. Well we finally came and got to see you guys. I missed you guys a lot. Really"
*lots of cheering and calling Subaru's name*
Subaru: "Also for today, for every single one of you, I'll sing every song with deep feelings so please listen from the heart"
Yoko: "Heeey!! I'm Yokoyama Yu-kun~!!!"
*lots of screaming*
Yoko: "I'm Yokoyama Yu-kun~♪" (said in a cutest voice ever XD)
Yoko: "It's MeriKuri" (short way to say Merry christmas in japanese, said in a coolest voice ever lol)
"Yeah!!" (laughs)
Yoko: "Yokoyama Santa might go to your house tonight"
*lots of screaming*
Yoko: "I said I might"
Yoko: "Let's make a great memory for today together!!"
Ryo: "Hi. I'm Nishikido Ryo"
*lots of cheering and screaming*
Ryo: "It's Christmas!!"
Ryo: "Ladies who chose us than your boyfriend!!"
Ryo: "Idiots!!"
Ryo: "No really (laughs). Just kidding! Today well, I'll say something idol-ish (laughs) We'll be your boyfriends for today" (laughs)
*screaming really loudly*
Ryo: "Umm...uhhh okay so here is our new song, please listen! 'Kanfu Fighting'!!"

2nd -Main MC- (During 1:08:48~1:30:40)
Hina: "Okay well, please sit down~"
*K8 members saying 'thank you' to audience/fans*
Hina: "Again, we are KANJANI8!!"
*K8 members greets*
Yoko: "Good evening"
Hina: "Good evening!"
Yoko: "Lot's of people came..."
Hina: "Today is...christmas right?" (how many times do they say that;;)
Ohkura: "It is christmas~"
Yasu: "Yea"
Hina: "It's 25..."
Yasu: "How happy"
Yoko: "There is a lot of people at the standing only sections too"
Yasu: "Yea, thank you"
Ryo: "Thank you"
*audience screaming*
Yoko: "This is such an amazing thing"
Hina: "Yes"
Yoko: "Lots of people came on christmas day"
Hina: "Yea"
Ohkura: "That is so true!"
Hina: "It is fortunate that we can be together on christmas"
Yoko: "Yesterday we weren't together. What were you guys doing yesterday?!"
Hina: "I was really finishing the solo concert"
Ryo: "Yea"
*audience clapping their hands*
Hina: "Thank you very much"
*continuous of clapping their hands*
Hina: "After the solo concert, I went to have a meal with jr.s"
Yoko: "Yea"
Hina: "And went home, took a bath and slept"
Yasu: "Oh really?"
Ryo: "M, meat?"
Hina: "...Huh?"
Ryo: "Did you eat meat?"
Hina: "Meat..No I didn't"
Yoko: "You didn't eat meat?"
Hina: "Ah (laughs) I did. I did eat meat"
Yoko: "Oh"
Ryo: "You said 'I ate Korean BBQ'"
Hina: "Yea after the solo concert"
Yoko: "Oh yea you did"
Hina: "Ate meat, take a bath"
Yoko: "Yea"
Subaru: "You went?"
Hina: "Yea to eat meat. We went Korean BBQ restaurant"
Subaru: "Oh I see"
Hina: "And I slept. Well today I just had to come to Nagoya so I selpt early"
Maru: "I see"
Hina: "How about others? Yasu?"
Yasu: "I went to Jr.'s concert this morning"
Hina: "oh the today's one?"
Yasu: "Yea...no it's yesterday" (laughs)
Ryo: "Yesterday. It's yesterday"
Hina: "Oh, yea it's yesterday"
Ryo: "Yea"
Yoko: "Oh really!? You went?"
Yasu: "Yup. I went"
Yoko: "I see"
Yasu: "And after that, I was just walking around the christmas street"
Yoko: "Oh really"
Hina: "By yourself!?"
Yasu: "Yea. I went to Sogo"
(Sogo is a one of famous department store at Shinsaibashi)
Hina: "How cold!"
Yasu: "Why!? It's nothing bad"
*Hina laughs*
Yasu: "It was nearby from the Jr.'s concert's place thats why"
Hina: "You don't have any friends?"
Yasu: "Sure I do!" (he said it in a funny way XD)
*laughs and members repeating what Yasu said*
Hina: (laughs) "Well most of your friends had a plan already right?"
Yasu: "Yea. Some of my friends have girlfriends"
Hina: "Yea. I see"
Yasu: "Yup"
Hina: "Ryo!"
Yoko: "How about Dokkun?"
Ryo: "For me...I woke up at the noon and went to baby's clothes store with my friend"
Hina: "Oh!!"
Ryo: "I bought christmas pressent for my sister's baby"
Yoko: "Oh!"
Ryo: "And I went home, ate meals with family"
Yoko: "Oh"
Ryo: "And..yea"
Yoko: "You were day-off?"
Ryo: "Yup. I slept a lot"
Yoko: "I see"
Ryo: "Yes"
Yoko: "Ah! The day 23's midnight when it was already turned to the eve...so the day 23's night, Dokkun called me on my cell"
Ryo: "Yea" (laughs)
Yoko: "I was at Tokyo that time"
Hina: "Oh. Why did he called?"
Yoko: "When I answerd, he said 'Do you know any place that has delicious takoyaki!?'"
*Ryo laughs in embarrassment*
Yoko: "He said 'Do you know any place that has a delicious takoyaki!?' so I said 'How about the place we went together before?'
and he said 'Oh that place weren't open today'. When we having this conversation, I was thinking who is he going with?"

Hina: "Yea"
Yoko: "I was a little curious"
Hina: "Yea"
Yoko: "It was midnight and the day 23 is over so it's christmas eve!!"
Hina: "Yea it past 12 right?"
Yoko: "And I have no idea why I asked him this and I hesitated but I asked him anyway '...Who are you with right now?'"
*Ryo laughs*
Maru: "It sound like he's your girlfriend"
Yoko: "Seriously I..."
Ryo: "You hesitated" (laughs)
Yoko: "I seriously hesitated! So I was like 'Um...who are you with...right now?' and he said 'Eh, right now? I'm with my friend. He's name is Yoshiki"
Hina: "Ah Yoshiki?"
Ryo: "Yea, everybody knows Yoshiki-kun"
Yoko: "Oh yea, you are always with him. So I replied him with 'Oh I see' and I said 'You are with guy?
It's already past the day 23's night so it's day 24 now" and he said ''That doesn't matter!!!'"

Yasu: "Your tension is high"
Yoko: "He was high"
Ryo: "Yea my tension was high" (laughs)
Yoko: "I was at the work place and still I was hesitated so I said 'I'm so sorry...'"
Yoko: "Yea (laughs) That's the time I thought, what is everyone doing today"
Hina: "Ohh..."
Yoko: "I was recording the drama the whole time"
Hina: "Yea"
Yoko: "I was with manager the whole time"
Hina: "Well yea"
Yoko: "So did Nino and..."
*some girls screamed*
Yoko: "Um...I don't know I can say this or not"
Hina: "It's ok"
Yoko: "Uhh...But this is awkward"
Yoko: "Um, no because this is difficult! Santa's story is such a difficult thing to talk!!"
Yoko: "Umm...You guys know Umemiya-san right?"
(The guy whose doing a drama called 'Haikei, chichiue-sama' with Yoko and Nino)
Hina: "Yea"
Ryo: "Yea"
Yoko: "Umemiya-san has a grandchild"
Hina: "Yea"
Yoko: "So he said he'll go back before 5PM because it's christmas and his grandchild is waiting for him"
Maru: "Ah~ yea"
Yoko: "And Umemiya-san was thinking what he would do about Santa"
Hina: "Oh"
Yoko: "His grandchild is 5 years old, so if he figured it out then it'll suck"
Ohkura: "Ah yea"
Hina: "Yea"
Yoko: "So he was thinking he just might put the present on side of his grandchild's bed at morning"
Hina: "Yea"
Yoko: "We were discussing about that"
Hina: "Yea"
Yoko: "But for real, if...wait a second. Can all of the kids cover their ears for a little moment?" (he said it very nice and softly)
Yoko: "If you have your own kids, what would you do?"
Hina: "Well, Santa does exist"
Yako: "Santa does exist, of course"
Ryo: "He does. Eh? Have your parents ever told you that Santa doesn't exist?"
Yoko: "Me? I have"
Ryo: "Eh~!?"
Yasu: "Serious?! They told you that?"
Hina: "What a dream breaker!!"
Yoko: "Yea my family is"
Ryo : "So from now on, try not to make it happen"
Yoko: "Yea, well I used to say these kind of stuff easily like 'Santa doesn't exist'"
Hina: "Yea"
Yoko: "But when lots of kids like Jr.s are around us, they'll get mad for saying such things like that"
Hina: "Yea"
Yoko: "Like 'Don't say that!'" (Saying with a child-ish voice)
Hina: "Yea most Jrs around elementary says stuff like that"
Yoko: "So does my friend's kids, they say 'Santa does exist!!!'" (Saying with a child-ish voice)
*audience were screaming and saying 'how cute' because of his child-ish voice*
*Hina laughs*
Yoko: "By looking at those kids, I can't say such things like that anymore"
Maru: "Yea"
Yoko: "I guess this is a proof of me getting old"
Maru: "Well yea (laughs) I guess so"
Hina: "But Santa does exist"
Ryo: "Santa does exist"
Yoko: "Today we have seats for parents and children so...Santa-san does exist right?"
*children answering Yoko with 'He is!' and stuff like that*
Yoko: "See?"
Maru: "They said 'He does exist~'" (Saying with a child-ish voice)
Hina: "Yea he does"
Yasu: "How cute"
Yoko: "Yea"
Yasu: "I want a child so bad"
Yoko: "Wait then what you guys will do? If you have a child, what you'll do?"
Hina: "Hmm..."
Maru: "Yes!" (Raise his hand)
Hina: "Maru-chan"
Yoko: "What will you do Maru-chan?"
Maru: "It's my family's conventional but"
Yoko: "Yea"
Maru: "We write a letter to Santa-san"
Yoko: "Oh...eh!? You write a letter to Santa-san!!?"
Maru: "Yea. My parents told me to write a letter to Santa-san that what you want for christmas"
Yoko: "Yea"
Maru: "And write, this is from Maruyama Ryuhei..."
Yoko: "Why do you talk in a low voice!?"
Yasu: "Put your microphone more toward your mouth"
Yoko: "Please remember how to speak at the concert already"
Maru: (With a lauder voice) "Write this is from Maruyama Ryuhei"
Maru: "And like...write 'I'll work harder for rest of this year and next year, so please give me a bike for a present'"
Yoko: "That is a great idea!!"
Maru: "Yea, like write what you want to tell to Santa-san and put dear Santa-san"
Yoko: "That is such a great idea!"
Maru: "And give the letter to my Father and he'll give it to Santa-san. Santa-san will reply to my letter too"
Yasu: "Eh~!?"
Yoko: "Ahahah! Thats great!!"
Hina: "Oh he gives you back the letter? How about the present?"
Maru: "The present will come too. The letter will delivered together with the present"
Hina: "Oh it'll come together with the present. What does the letter say?"
Maru: "Well like, if I wrote 'I'll do my best at school and get an 'A' on P.E."
Yoko: "Oh!!"
Maru: "Then he'll reply me with saying that, 'I'll present you a bike for that promise, so please get an 'A' on your grade'"
Yoko: "What a dream maker!!"
Maru: "Yea"
Yoko: "Neko Hiroshi~♪"
(Neko Hiroshi is a comedian guy who acts like a cat. Don't know why Yoko acted like him just now;;)
*Yoko laughs extremely by looking at Maru's face*
Hina: "Maru-chan is surprised the most"
Yoko: "I was thinking I'll do it the whole time but I didn't know when I should do it"
Yoko: "Eh, how about Ohkura?"
Ohkura: "I'm thinking this plan for awhile..."
Hina: "What is it?"
Yoko: "Oh"
Ohkura: "Um...When we go to sleep, I'll tell my friends first when we are going to sleep"
Yoko: "Yea"
Ohkura: "And I'll go inside of the bed with my child"
Yoko: "Yea"
Ohkura: "I'll tell my friends that like about 30 minutes later, come inside of the room"
Yoko: "Oh"
Ohkura: "So we are still awake, me and my child"
Yoko: "Oh (laughs) yea"
Ohkura: "But I'll say to my child 'Act like we are sleeping! Santa is here!!'" (Saying with a whisper voice)
Yoko: "Ohhh (laughs) Thats good, good!!" (Getting to excite lol)
Hina: "That is good"
Yoko: "This story make me mokkori!!"
(Mokkori means the way of explaining the guy's *cough* is getting hard lol)
Subaru: "Mokkori?"
Ohkura: "...It's hokkori"
Hina: "Hokkori!"
Yoko: "Ah"
Yasu: "Don't be mokkori, it's hokkori"
(Hokkori means heartwarming)
Subaru: "Mokkori"
Maru: "It's hokkori"
*laughing and clapping their hands*
Hina: "Well you can be mokkori if you want"
Ohkura: "Why!?"
Maru: "We can!?"
Yasu: "Oh we can?"
Hina: "Yea go ahead"
Yoko: "My mistake. It's hokkori"
Ohkura: "Yea it's hokkori"
Ryo: "You might be mokkori but..."
*Yoko laughs*
Yoko: "It makes me hokkori by listening Ohkura's plan"
Maru: "Yoko-mokkori"
(He compared Yoko-mokkori as Marimokkori)
Yoko: "Thats too real" (laughs)
Maru: "Ah sorry" (laughs)
Yoko: "But yea...Today is such a beautiful night"
Ohkura: "Beautiful night!"
Hina: "How about Subaru? What were you doing last night?"
Subaru: "Um birthday, um...."
Hina: "Birthday?"
Subaru: "Chri...um" (laughs)
Hina: "It wasn't your birthday" (laughs)
Subaru: "Eh? Eh?? Eh!?"
Subaru: "....Mom"
Hina: "Ah your Mom"
Subaru: "My Mom was um...21st was her birthday"
Hina: "Yes"
Ryo: "December?"
Subaru: "Yea so um..."
*Saying 'Happy Birthday' and clapping their hands*
Subaru: "Yes. Saying happy birthday doesn't make me happy but" (laughs)
Subaru: "So yesterday we did a Christmas party and her birthday party"
Hina: "Oh"
Subaru: "Yes"
Yoko: "How awesome"
Hina: "So you guys did party with your family?"
Subaru: "I had a huge quarrel with my Dad"
Hina: "Why!?"
Subaru: "Well because...he got drunk and..."
Ryo: "Yea"
Hina: "Your Dad?" (laughs)
Subaru: "And he tried to quarrel with me"
Hina: "Yes, yes"
Yoko: "Yea"
Subaru: "So yea...we had a terrible quarrel"
Yoko: "But still, you had a great time"
Hina: "Why though?"
Subaru: "I just got pissed"
Yoko: "By looking through the audience, there is some people wearing Santa-san's clothes"
Yasu: "Yea"
Hina: "Yea"
Yoko: "It's only for today and only this season"
Hina: "Yea"
Yoko: "Yea. If they did it yesterday, then it wont be right"
Yasu: "Yea they will be not dressed properly for the occasion"
Hina: "Seriously"
Yoko: "But seriously, I think Christmas is very special"
Yasu: "Yea"
Hina: "The 25th"
Yoko: "Yea, it's really good"
*All the members saying 'Yea'*
Yoko: "Eh, so if....how do I say this...If you have a wife"
Hina: "If we were to be married?"
Yoko: "Yea if you were to be married, how do you want to spend the Christmas with your wife?"
Hina: "With your wife...how do you want to? Ah, well isn't it just dinner out and it's done?"
Yoko: "What? But don't you want to do something special?"
*Members nodded*
Yoko: "Ladies, want their guys to do something special for christmas right?"
Yoko: "Absolutely yea"
Hina: "Like something romantic?"
Yoko: "Well like marriage ceremony, thats for the ladies"
Hina: "Well yea like wearing the wedding dress and stuff"
Yoko: "Guys will say 'thats too embarrassing, I don't wanna do it' but it's for the sake for the wife"
Maru: "Yea"
Hina: "I think so too"
Yoko: "Guys think for their wife more than we do for ourselves"
Maru: "Yea"
Yoko: "It's the same as Christmas too"
Hina: "Ah yes, yes"
Yoko: "Right? Guys will think it's not that important but wives want their own husband to do these kind of thing. Same with girlfriends"
Hina: "Oh..."
Yoko: "Definitely. Right?"
Yoko: "Don't be embarrassed. Come, come!"
Hina: "They aren't embarrassed"
*Members is laughing about Yoko saying 'Come, come!'*
Maru: "What are you inviting?" (laughs)
Yoko: "But I seriously think so"
Hina: "Well I understands what your saying. Most of the events are the Ladies are main"
Yoko: "Well doesn't ladies love the spot that has a great view?"
Ryo: "Ohhh"
Hina: "The place that has beautiful night view?"
Yoko: "But I still haven't ate the dinner where you could see a nice view with a joshi"
(Joshi is how you call your classmates (only to girls))
Hina: "Joshi!?"
Yasu: "Joshi"
Yoko: "I still haven't..."
Hina: "Me neither!"
Yoko: "Two, joshi"
Hina: "You mean with two of you guys?"
Yoko: "Yea...What will you do when you go? I'll be too shy"
Hina: "I have no idea. But don't you have to get reservation and stuff for restaurants?"
Yoko: "You can't drink green tea in those places, can you?"
Hina: "Eh, isn't it alright??"
Yoko: "You can't!!"
Ohkura: "It's fine"
Ryo: "Why drink green tea though" (laughs)
Yasu: "green tea's nice though"
Hina: "It's okay at a Japanese restaurant"
Yasu: "Right?"
Yoko: "Wrong, it isn't going to be Japanese food though"
Hina: "Well you, you have the image that it's going to be French or Italian food, right?"
Yoko: "It would be that, if it's somewhere expensive"
Hina: "Oh..." (laughs)
Yasu: "It becomes that then" (laughs)
Yoko: "Yes. Looking at the night scenery also"
Yasu: "Yeah"
Yoko: "And use sweet words also"
Ryo: "What are you going to say? What are you going to say?"
Yasu: "What are you going to say??"
Ohkura: "What are you going to say?" (laughs)
Subaru: "What are you going to say?"
Maru: "First of all, what are you going to say when you guys cheer?"
Yoko: "Wait. All of you let's enjoy the situation time"
Ryo: "Okay fine"
Ohkura: "Okay"
Hina: "Okay"
Yasu: "Okay"
Maru: "Fine, fine"
Subaru: "Okay"
Yoko: "Hey, it's Christmas so"
Ryo: "Where should we go? Where should we go?"
Hina: "Where do you want to go?!"
Yoko: "If it's Nagoya, it's definitely a hotel"
Ryo: "At the highest level"
Yoko: "Take a reservation at the highest level"
*Members nodded*
Yoko: "It’s full so the reservations can’t be easily taken"
Ryo: "Reserve it"
Hina: "Reserve it already"
Yoko: "And I call the place"
Hina: "What are you going to say?"
Yoko: "Hello? It's Kanjani8's Yokoyama"
All: "That's so greedy!"
Hina: "Well, well let him at least say that for Christmas"
Yoko: "Um this is Kanjani8's Yokoyama"
Hina: "Sorry, I'm sorry. Let him say that. Only for Christmas"
Yoko: "Well from where I am from, we are told that we are funny handsome"
*laughs and clapping their hands*
Hina: "I'm seriously sorry. Let him just say it"
Yoko: "First, I'll say that"
Hina: "Yes."
Yoko: "Ah, Yokoyama-san!" (He's acting like a waiter)
Hina: "Oh, their reaction is very nice"
Yoko: "Oh it's that Yokoyama-san!"
Hina: "Ohh"
Yoko: "Please, please! We're full with reservations but…"
Hina: "Ohh"
Yoko: "Well, I'll open it!”
Hina: "Ohh"
Yoko: "It'll be like that"
Hina: "They'll force open a spot for you"
Yoko: "Oh sorry about that"
Hina: "Ohh, that's Yokoyama-san!"
Yoko: "Sorry about that"
*All the members saying 'Yea'*
Yoko: "Then take my girlfriend right after"
Ryo: "Yes"
Yoko: "Like take my girlfriend like this"
*All the members saying 'Yea'*
Yoko: "And the moment when I enter the store…"
*All the members saying 'Yea'*
Yoko: "Ah Yokoyama-san! The person who works there would say that"
Hina: "Well that person does"
Yoko: "Then my girlfriend would say 'Why does that person know you?'"
Maru: "Okay"
Yoko: "Then I would say, 'Silly, I'm famous!'"
Hina: "She would basically know that by the time she dates you!"
Yasu: "You're going to say that to your girlfriend?" (laughs)
Yoko: "I'll say it, Ill definitely say it" (laughs)
Hina: "Wouldn't she be your wife?"
Yoko: "I appeal a little about how amazing I am"
Yoko: "Hey you, I appear on the TV"
Hina: "Then your wife goes like, 'Oh how handsome' by watching you"
Yoko: "And becomes kyu~n"
Maru: "Your wife became kyu~n"
('kyu~n' is the way of describing your heart pumped really hard)
Hina: "Then to the hotel…"
Yoko: "Well today, it shall be forgiven"
*laughs weirdly*
Hina: "…Well already married"
Ryo: "Your wife..." (laughs)
Yoko: "Can be whatever? It's not in a weird way!"
*burst at laughing*
Yoko: "There's so many perverts here!!"
Yoko: "I didn't say it in that way!!"
Hina: "You thought that they'll forgive you for being mad at you a little by this way"
Yoko: "Yes, yes"
Maru: "And then?"
Yoko: "Well at first, it's going to be a drink with nice colors"
Hina: "Okay, okay. From what restaurant anyway?"
Yoko: "Well I don't know—it can be a dinner place that has creatively made food.”
Ryo: "A creative styled dish"
Yoko: "Thats it, creatively styled dish!"
Hina: "Oh"
Yoko: "Then yeah, how should I say it...The drink that is going to be poured in the glass, colorful is possible right?"
Hina: "Huh?"
Ryo: "Well that's totally alright"
Hina: "Well, what's that about?"
Yasu: "What do you mean by colorful?"
Maru: "Yeah"
Yoko: "Then, listen to this. I won't stir it with the straw, I'll stir it with my pinky"
Maru: "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Ohkura: "Yokoyama-kun, you're old!"
Yoko: "With my pinky"
Hina: "What are you going to do with that pinky?"
Yoko: "When I stir it with my pinky, it makes an ice clashing sound right?"
Ryo: "Ah-, that's often said!"
Yoko: "It makes that sound and my girlfriend would be like, 'Your hands are wet'"
Ryo: "Oh oh"
Yoko: "And then suck my finger"
Yasu: "I would hate that if it was salty"
Yoko: "And when she sucks it, I'll say to her, 'You have a cute side…*sucks the finger*' like that"
*screaming crazy*
Hina: "He's an idiot" (laughs)
*Maru getting high*
Hina: "That guy (Yoko) is an idiot" (laughs)
Yasu: "That, you're going to do it with the two of you?"
Hina: "Such an idiot" (laughs) Okay, Hina XD lol
Yoko: "And then, how should I say it? It's because it's dinner..."
Hina: "Christmas dinner" (laughs)
Yoko: "Yea, then we order food right?"
Ryo: "Yeah"
Yoko: "Sorry but can I order meat?"
Yasu: "Okay"
Ryo: "Meat!?"
Hina: "Already you order meat!?"
Hina: "It isn't a course?"
Yoko: "Well there are so many things going on"
Hina: "Okay, okay"
Yoko: "Then I'll say can I get some meat? and how it's going to be done is medium. Well done"
Hina: "Okay. Enough heat passed through the meat then"
Yoko: "Medium rare. But my girlfriend is a rare"
*Ryo laughs*
Hina: "You really don't have to say that" (He said it like, three times lol)
Yoko: "Well customer, you're pretty funny" (acting like the waiter)
Hina: "What kind of waiter is that!?" (laughs)
*Maru laughs extremely*
Hina: "There is no waiter who is like that"
Yoko: "And that part, the waiter and I will argue"
Hina: "Ohh, scare him at that moment"
Yoko: "My body's well done"
Hina: "Kind of hard then"
Yoko: "You're pretty good man" (Acting like the waiter)
Hina: "...Hey, what was the point of you going there again?"
Yoko: "Well right now, to argue and fight with the waiter"
Hina: "Oh, then you're going to eat the meat right?"
Yoko: "Yeah, yeah. Then you become full right? It's after that...Where should we go?"
Hina: "Eh, aren't you reserving a hotel after this?"
Yoko: "You reserve a hotel!? You'll reserve a hotel? After this"
Hina: "Eh, because"
Yoko: "You"
Hina: "Don't you stay at the place you got your meal at?"
Maru: "Ahh"
Hina: "Like a dinner set"
Yoko: "Ehh!? That's different isn't it?!"
Hina: "Hotel is for like those occasions"
Yoko: "Don't you go back to your house!!?"
Ohkura: "Eh, don't you stay at the highest level in the hotel?"
Yasu: "Isn't it reserving the highest level hotel room and then eating at a restaurant there?"
Ohkura: "Yeah yeah"
Hina: "Yup"
Yoko: "Ehh!?"
Hina: "Isn't that what you do at a hotel?"
Yoko: "Is it fine that you can stay!?"
Ryo: "Suite, suite" (laughs)
Hina: "Oh yeah, if it's Kanjani8's Yokoyama-san, can't you stay for a night?"
Maru: "Yup yup"
Yoko: "Seriously!?"
Maru: "Let's stay"
Hina: "Yeah"
Yoko: "Suite!!?"
Hina: "Cause after seeing the beautiful night scenery, what's the beauty of going back home"
Yasu: "Shouldn't you go there to continue the scenery?"
Yoko: "No point! My house is 1L size"
Hina: "If it's that, isn't it better to have a suite?"
Yoko: "My house also has a floor heater"
Yoko: "Don't try to take me down like that"
Yoko: "But how is it like...it's not often that you go to a hotel right after, right?"
Ryo: "Why?"
Hina: "But isn't she your wife?"
Yoko: "It's not my wife, she's my girlfriend!"
Hina: "She's still your girlfriend. If it's a person you barely know, then I wouldn't want too"
Yoko: "You're a wannabe mature guy!"
Yoko: "You're a wannabe kid, wannabe kid!"
Hina: "Why call a 24 year old, a wannabe mature guy!?"
Yoko: "Wait, wait, there's a little resistance in going into a hotel. It's your girlfriend right?
You, taking to the hotel right after sounds naughty!"

Hina: "Well no, say it beforehand"
Yoko: "It's a little different! Isn't it a little different!? Taking a hotel is different right!!?"
Ohkura: "Eh, but if it's with your girlfriend, wouldn't you be happy?"
Hina: "Right!"
Yoko: "Wrong, right after would be..."
Hina: "You, why are you becoming embarrassed?"
Yoko: "Right, you're wrong. Right after, wouldn't you have to send her home, right?"
Hina: "Right after!?"
Ohkura: "No, no, no"
Hina: "So then you, after eating the meal together, you're going to ride the taxi and say bye-byee?" (laughs)
Ryo: "That's just for your own enjoyment" (laughs)
Yoko: "Idiot, idiot! Wrong, I take her home, and then she'll say it"
Hina: "Say what?"
Yoko: "'I don't want to go home'"
Yasu: "You watch too many dramas"
Maru: "What the heck~"
*K8 members are denying Yoko's opinion*
Hina: "Well well well, let's just suppose that she says that"
Yoko: "She'll say, 'I don't want to go home' in front of her house"
Hina: "Yea"
Yasu: "Yea"
Yoko: (with deep voice) "'I don't want to go home either'"
Hina: "Yes, yes"
Yoko: "'Well the time is making us and probably god is telling us that too'"
*dry laughs*
Yoko: "'God is such a mean person'"
*dry laughs*
Yoko: "I say that and then my girlfriend will be all kyuuunn"
Hina: "She becomes that" (laughs)
Yoko: "Yes she would be, would be"
Ryo: "She must be a real idiot becoming all kyun with that"
Yoko: "Then, I'll kiss her"
Hina: "Ohh, there?"
Yasu: "So you'll kiss her there" (laughs)
Yoko: "Then here's the main miso!"
(miso is the old Kansai slang of saying point)
Hina: "What what?"
Yoko: "Here's the main miso!"
Hina: "What"
Yoko: "It's too common for it to be on the mouth so I'll kiss her on the forehead"
*fans screams*
Hina: "Ahh man? Can someone say that's 'sweet' already"
*some audience are actually saying "romantic" lol*
Yoko: "A kiss on the forehead. Isn't it something really great?"
Hina: "Then you'll say good bye to your girlfriend?"
Yoko: "Yup. Probably on the way going home, text messages would come probably"
Ryo: "So eventually you'll said good bye" (laughs)
Hina: "Even if you didn't want to separate"
Yoko: "Of course"
Hina: "A text message that says I wanted to stay with you longer?"
Yoko: "Yup yup. But that was a good enough length"
Maru: "Ahh…"
Hina: "Who do you think you are"
Yoko: "See, right?" (To the audience)
Hina: "Really? But that’s when you guys start dating or something"
Subaru: "Ahh"
Ohkura: "Yeah"
Yoko: "Eh Dokkun, if it was you, what would you do? Would you go straight to the hotel afterwards?"
Ryo: "...I would" (with dry voice)
Yasu: "Well that’s your girlfriend"
Ryo: "Yup, it’s definite that I’m going" (laughs)
Hina: "Okay then…"
Yoko: "Eh"
Ryo: "You're going to eat at the highest level right?"
Yoko: "After eating the meal, what are you going to say if you're going to the hotel?"
Ryo: "Eh-, I reserved a hotel room so let's go"
*Audience screams*
Ryo: "Wait no, by the time we go out to eat, I have already said it to her"
Yoko: "Okay"
Ryo: "I also reserved a hotel"
Hina: "Okay"
Ryo: "Then, we go open the hotel door and hand her the hotel keys right?"
Hina and Yoko: "Ok, ok"
Ryo: "And she opens it right?"
*All the members saying 'Yea'*
Ryo: "So there must be a present there"
*All the members saying 'Yea'*
Hina: "Ahh okay okay. You leave the present there before hand"
Ryo: "And then...(laughs) I'll say that you can have it" (laughs)
Yoko: "Okay"
*Audience screams*
*Went quiet for few seconds*
Yoko: "And then?"
Hina: "What's after that then?"
*Ryo does the embarrassed laugh*
Yasu: "After that!"
Hina: "What's after that?"
Ryo: "After that? Eh, in the end?"
*All the members saying 'Yea'*
Ryo: "I'll make it a good night" (laughs)
*Yoko laughs weirdly*
*audience laughing and screaming so hard*
Yasu: "Well that's good then?"
Hina: "Well yea that's true"
Ryo: "Isn't it!??"
Hina: "Most definitely"
Yoko: "Eh, even you Ohkura?"
Ohkura: "...Eh?! Yeah...isn't it" (laughs)
*laughs and screams*
Yoko: "Want to go to a hotel?"
Ohkura: "Hotel...Well if it's my girlfriend, then most likely"
Yoko: "Oh…is it like that!?"
Hina: "Isn't it?"
Yasu: "yeah isn't it?"
Ohkura: "Going that much, why should you be embarrassed?"
Yasu: "Yeah"
Yoko: "Well a hotel, isn't it expensive?"
Hina: "Ehh-!?"
Ohkura: "Eh~!?"
Yasu: "That's not good"
Ohkura: "That is definitely not good!"
Hina: "No, no. That is not a good thing to say, Yokocho"
Yoko: "If you're going to a hotel, why don't you just go home? It will be much cheaper"
Ohkura: "No, that's not right"
*Audience still going 'Eh~'*
Maru: "It's special night"
Yoko: "Oh really?" (He said it with a little of Kyoto's accent)
Yoko: "No it's different. For me, I like the girl who will say 'Oh no, you don't have to do that for me' kind of girl"
Hina: "Ah, like the girl who has that kind of feelings right?"
Yoko: "If she said 'It's waste of money so let's stay at home', she'll definitely own me"
Hina: "Ah~ I get what you mean"
Maru: "Ah"
Yoko: "I like that type of girl so much!"
Ryo: "But isn't that for when you are with her for so long?"
Hina: "Yea"
Yoko: "...Ah, but if she said it on our very first date, I'll think 'I'll marry her'"
*Hina laughs*
Maru: "How early"
Yoko: "All I can think of is 'Get married'"
Ryo: "Oh really?"
Yoko: "Yea"
Yoko: "Seriously"
Ryo: "Well, good luck"
Hina: "You, you are so hilarious!"
Yoko: "No no, I'm serious"
Maru: "Pure, you are so pure"
Yoko: "No, it's not like pure or anything"
Maru: "Pure"
Yoko: "I'm just serious"
Subaru: "Thats good"
Hina: "Well, hope that will really happens one day"
Ohkura: "Yea, seriously"
Hina: "Go eat some meal at the hotel on christmas"
Yoko: "Yea, someday"
*All the members saying 'Yea'*
Yoko: "Seriously...Try not to get caught though"
*Hina laughs hard*
Yasu: "That will be terrible"
Yoko: "Well it will be few years later"
*Hina laughs*
Yoko: "You guys have to prepare yourself"
*Hina laughs*
Yoko: "Our job is to sell dreams!!"
Hina: "Yes, thats true"
Yasu: "Yea"
Hina: "But let's make today the best and a fun time"
Yoko: "Right!"
Hina: "Yea"
Yoko: "For today...your boyfriends is us"
*audience screams*
Hina: "...That was a little embarrassing"
Ryo: "Why are you (to Yoko) embarrassed? You are the one who said it!"
*Yoko laughs*
Yasu: "Hes shy" (laughs)
Maru: "What are you doing?" (laughs)
Hina: "Okay, well let's start the second half. It's christmas, everybody please enjoy! Propeller~!!"

Extra -Encore-
Everybody came out wearing Santa's hat except Subaru.
Ryo got play boy magazine that Leah Dizon (his favorite gravure idol) are in it from his fan. He looked really happy, singing 'Samurai Blues' with hugging that magazine and after he finish singing his part, he stood on the speaker and tried to sing and looked at the magazine at the same time but he couldn't. So he opened the Leah Dizon's page and left it on the side of the stage. Whenever he comes nearby the magazine, he looks at it lol
When they finished singing 'Kanfu Fighting', all the members coming back to the stage and Subaru found the play boy magazine. He was like "Why the heck is this here?" looking through the magazine lol He shows one of the page to the audience lmao

Thank you so much to joannakuang for letting me post her upload!!!!
Kanjani 8 - MP3: Nagoya Concert [2006.12.25] MU

*Lots of thank to my Mom and my friend Lena for always checking my spellings/grammars!!
And for this, my another friend, Rie checked the last harf translation!! Thank you so much(^^)v*
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