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06 March 2007 @ 08:37 pm
POPORO Feb. 2∞6 Translation  
Love and Marriage Q & A 30!
The men's true voices go out of control!?

~Love Part~

Q1 Winter date. Which do you prefer: To stay at home or to go outdoors.
Subaru: Depends, but both would be good. But I'm really bad with cold weather though.
Ryo: This year, kind of feeling like going outdoors.
Maru: Even if its cold, there's events and sceneries that you can enjoy only in winter so, outdoor date!
Yasu: Doesn't it depend on the day? I'll discuss it with my girlfriend on that day and what to do.
Ohkura: Both. After having fun at the city, relaxing at home pattern would be great.
Hina: Definitely the type to go outdoors and go on a date.
Yoko: It's cold. Better to relax.

Q2 Winter's outdoor date. Where would you go?
Subaru: Hot springs! Ah, is this outdoor?
Ryo: It's a date, where ever we go, it'll be fun!
Maru: Amusement park. The illuminations and attractions that only exist in that season are beautiful.
Yasu: Spending about two or three days at the hot springs would be nice.
Ohkura: A place that is a manmade beach. Maybe like a shopping mall that has a bench that faces the direction of the ocean.
Hina: Hot springs. If it's with my girlfriend, I want to go to a relaxing place.
Yoko: No way no way, it's too cold for snowboarding.(laughs)

Q3 In the winter, tell us a spot that you'll recommend for dating only in Kansai region!
Subaru: If it's winter in Kansai, it would definetly be Kobe's Luminarie.
(Kobe's Luminarie is a beautiful illumination spot for couples and families.
*click the name to see the picture*)
Ryo: You tell me!
Maru: Winter Kinkakuji.
(Kinkakuji is like a big temple in Kyoto.
*click the name to see the picture*)
Yasu: Go on a drive and go to Kobe. Just going to Kobe will give me a happy feeling.
Ohkura: I can't think of anything. Where to go on a date should be a decision between the couples.
Hina: Yuma hot springs! Although I have never been there.(laughs)
Yoko: I love my hometown so a date at my hometown would be the best.

Q4 Winter's date fashion. What coordination would you love for your girlfriend to wear?
Subaru: Just cause it's winter, don't wear too much so you wont fell and roll down
Ryo: Being naked with a ribbon and saying like, "I'm your present" like that.(laughs) Well I thought that can be a possibility.
Maru: A black adult like dress that is tightened a bit on the waist. It makes me want to hug her!
Yasu: I'll leave that up to her. Not forcing herself is the best!
Ohkura: I want her to come with warm clothes. So she wont be saying, "It's cold, it's cold." (laughs)
Hina: Coat or a muffler. Girl's muffler's is a cutness that exists only in the winter so I love it.
Yoko: I'm not too big on it but I would want her to wear something that would not make her feel cold.

Q5 Winter date. Going out to eat with your girlfriend...what would you like her to eat?
Subaru: It would be nabe cause it'll make us warm. Tecchiri or Chanko probably.
(Nabe is a dinner usually in the wintertime that has many vegetables with some meat or fish mixed in, boiled with water or broth in a certain type of Japanese pot. Tecchiri and Chanko is a style of nabe.)
Ryo: Really good Chinese food. How about that?
Maru: A extension to the feeling of christmas, I would love to eat turkey with her. It's really good the part near the leg!
Yasu:The restraunt I usually go to. It's really uncool to try to act like a know it all at a restraunt I have never been to so.
Ohkura: Not like a special menu but, I would like her to enjoy the meals we eat normally.
Hina: A nabe that'll warm up our bodies. Maybe Crab nabe. I want her to loosen up the crab meat for me!
Yoko: A restraunt at my home town. Type of Japanese Noodle.

Q6 Winter sports. Do you want to do with your girlfriend or watch her?
Subaru: I would like to stay with her but I'm bad with cold weather so...(laughs)
Ryo: I would like to do it with her. Like snowboarding.
Maru: I want to enjoy watching!
Yasu: I want to do it with her! Do snowboarding, throw snow and scream around would be so fun.
Ohkura: If it's a sport that can be possible indoors, then I would do it with her.
Hina: If it's with my girlfriend, no matter what season, I'm watching.
Yoko: Watching!!! Also its at home!!

Q7 Shopping date. Can you go shopping with your girlfriend or not?
Subaru: I would have no problem going with her, I'll also help her choose.
Ryo: I can kinda go with her. Unless she has a hard time deciding on things.
Maru: Definetly OK!
Yasu: I can have a lot of fun going with her. Seeing and maybe i can wear this too?
Ohkura: Man that's hard~.(laughs) If I go to shopping, I'll look at things I want to buy.
Hina: I can go with her. It's okay if it takes a long time but up to a certain point, okay?(laughs)
Yoko: Hell no. I can't go with her. Although I do have feelings of wanting to go with her but...

Q8 Winter trip. Where would you go?
Subaru: If it's in the country, hot springs. Out of the country, Hawaii.
Ryo: Hawaii. I like places where it's warm and if it's Hawaii, it would always be fun right?
Maru: Riviera.(laughs) It's a lie, a joke. I would like to go to warm Australia.
Yasu: Possibly hot springs. The Japanese ocean's one.
Ohkura: Somewhere that it snows.
Hina: As I said already, hot springs!
Yoko: Hot springs. Winter's Japanese ocean would be nice.

Q9 Christmas, going to shrines on New Years Day...Are you the type who treasure events?
Subaru: It's not important at all! I don't care about it at all!
Ryo: More than those holidays, her birthday is important. That's a day that'll only be for her so.
Maru: I think it's important. It's a spice that'll destroy the one pattern-boring stereotypes.
Yasu: It would be important if our free times matched but, I think its different from forcing ourselves.
Ohkura: Hmm, isn't it important? The two of us can be really happy right?
Hina: Well, isn't it important? Spending time with your girlfriend is important.
Yoko: It's not important at all. Birthday are more important!!

Q10 Would you like to have "pair" things with your girlfriend or not?
Subaru: If it's only accesories, it's okay.
Ryo: I would not want to! I don't want to be tied down by something!
Maru: I would! I want to think everywhere I go, I'm with her.
Yasu: I'll be more than happy to. If my girlfriend gave it to me, I'll put it on right away.
Ohkura: If my girlfriend asks me, "Have a pair thing with me." then I'll be willing to have it.
Hina: If my girlfriend wants to have it, then definetly OK!
Yoko: If it's only accesories, it's okay but definetly not clothes and such!

Q11 When is the moment when you feel that you want someone around?
Subaru: Always. Especially before I go to sleep.
Ryo: I love being alone, so I never feel like I want someone around.
(That is such a lie lol)
Maru: I feel like I want someone around when the season changes.
When it overlaps the season that the confession or love failed, it makes me even more sad.

Yasu: When the lightings pretty dark and being alone in the room.
Ohkura: When I feel lonely. When the season changes or when I remember the past love.
Hina: After when the radio show ends at 1:00 am.
Yoko: I never do! I can sleep really easily at night.

Q12 What's a winter love song?
Subaru: "Osaka Romanesque"!
Ryo: "Departures" by Globe.
Maru: "All I want for christmas is you" by Mariah Carey.
Yasu: "December" by Tsuyoshi-kun. Its a good melody and the lyrics are wonderful too!
Ohkura: "Whistle" by Mr. Children.
Hina: "Winter fantasy" by Cousin or "God of romance" by Hirose Koumi-san.
Yoko: What would it be? Recently I'm listening to RIP SLYME but, that isn't a winter song.

Q13 make a senryu with "Winter love". (Senryu is something like a haiku)
Subaru: Snow melted love with you began.
Ryo: Oh yeah even this year I thought that.
Maru: High sky white stars falling.
Yasu: Right next to me not changing your hands.
Ohkura: It's cold but outside date I want to.
Hina: Falling in love deeply I think of you under the snow.
Yoko: It's winter if its you and me its warm.

~Marriage Part~

Q14 Tell me your proposal words!
Subaru: What would it be? It won't be the words that are said with nervousness but I'll say it in a natural way.
Ryo: "Kekkon shitekurei!"
(Saying "marry me" with a weird accent lol)
Maru: "How about riding a gondola with me and appearing out of it with together?"
Yasu: " Will you marry me?" Like that probably?
Ohkura: What will I think at that moment.
Hina: "Let's get married".
Yoko: I don't know, what the hell!! Unless it's that moment, I won't know!

Q15 After proposing, what are the words you'll say to her parents when you go to her parents' house?
(All of these proposals are said in a formal way but its hard to translate so I translated on what it means like)
Subaru: I think I'll say my honest words that I think at that moment.
Ryo: "I'm going to marry her!" would be what I'm going to say. I won't say, "May I have your daughter?"
Maru: "May I have your father?" after making that mistake, I'll say "Her life, may I be the responsibility for it?"
Yasu: "Please let me take care of your daughter." Even if we get along fine, at that moment, I want to be formal for that moment.
Ohkura: "I'll be marrying her."
Hina: "Many things occured and it led us to our marriage."
Yoko: "Please let me marry her" like that?

Q16 Wedding ceremony. Really extravagant or not really?
Subaru: Basically I wouldn't want to either way.(laughs)
But if it's decided that we are going to do it, it needs to be really extravagant!

Ryo:Depending on their intentions.
Maru: Extravagant wedding. Riding the gondola, I want to appear with her from the smoke.
Yasu: Extravagant! If we are going to do it, then extravagant!
Ohkura: The wedding ceremony is my wife's thing so, I'll just follow her idea.
Hina: Recently, I'm starting to think it'll be nice to have a extravagant wedding.
It's a rare oppurtunity so something my wife will enjoy.

Yoko: I don't want to do it from the start but if I were to, something that isn't extravagant at all.

Q17 At the wedding ceremony, what would you like your wife to wear, wedding dress or kimono?
Subaru: Whichever one!
Ryo: Wedding dress.
Maru: Wedding dress. I'm a Kyoto person, so I can let her wear a kimono anytime she wants.
Yasu: I would like to see both!
Ohkura: Its a once in a lifetime experience so I would like her to wear them both. I can't decide which to choose!
Hina: I would like her to choose the one that'll be the most memoriable.
If she wants to wear it, she can change into both of the wedding dress and kimono, and wear them both.

Yoko: The one that she wants to wear.

Q18 Wedding ceremony. Which would you like to wear, a tuxedo or a hakama? (Hakama is a guy's version of kimono)
Subaru: Whole body covered with tights!
Ryo: If it's dress, it'll be a tuxedo.
Maru: I want to wear a tuxedo and look very tightened up.
Yasu: Well it looks handsome so, Hakama?
Ohkura: I'll think of what to wear by trying to match what she wears.
Hina: I'll wear what goes along with my wife.
Yoko: Whatever looks good along with her.

Q19 Who would you like to ask as an MC for your wedding?
Subaru: That would definetly be Murakami-san. He'll definetly lead it well.
Ryo: Who would it be? Anyone would be great~.(laughs)
Maru: If it's a member, Murakami-kun. If it's other than members, Akashiya Sanma-san!
Yasu: Toriyama-san from Yoshimoto Shinkigeki. He's my friend. He sure would make it fun.
(Yoshimoto Shinkigeki is the most famous comedy entertainment industry in Osaka.
Hina was planning to join this industry before he was planning to join JE)
Ohkura: I'm not too big on this. I'll let the person who will make plans of the wedding do it!
Hina: My senpai, Kokubun Taichi-san!
Yoko: My friends from my hometown? No, most likely all of the members!

Q20 would you invite your members to your wedding?
Subaru: Definetly! I want everyone who can come. It's more fun with more people, right?
Ryo: I would like them to come, but just with family members would be nice too.
Maru: Well I would. But I feel that they'll tease me and it'll be a bit embarrass. (laughs)
Yasu: I would definetly want them to come!!
Ohkura: Of course, I'll invite all of my members.
Hina: If I were to do an extravagant wedding, I'll definetly call my members.
Yoko: I would call and invite them butI don't know if they'll come. Everyone looks so busy...

Q21 For your honeymoon, how many days, nights and where do you want to go?
Subaru: Somewhere I want to go recently would be United Kingdom. For a while.
Ryo: Hawaii for a week!
Maru: Taking about a year and a month to go the whole world!
Yasu: Hawaii for a week.
Ohkura: A month to Tahiti!
Hina: Dubayy. About four nights and five days.
Yoko: One week for Hawaii!

Q22 When you get married, do you want it to be a male dominated home or a women dominated home?
Subaru: Half and half would be my dream but I think I would end up apologizing in the end.
Ryo: I want to not have it in one direction so, a pretty good balance would be nice.
Maru: I think a women dominated household is good. I heard it works better that way.
Yasu: I think women dominated household would make the household works better.
Ohkura: I think it won't be both. I want to have a relationship that is evenly balanced.
Hina: A person who will be my wife, I would want her to be stronger than me, mentally. I would like a women dominated household.
Yoko: If it's a women dominated household, it'll be easier for me and it'll work out better.

Q23 When you get married, do you want your wife to be a housewife or work?
Subaru: Not just work, I would like her to do what she wants.
Ryo: Not just work, I would like her to do what she wants. I don't want her to hold herself in.
Maru: If there's something she wants to do, I'll let her do it. I think its nice when couples can improve each other with something.
Yasu: Even if it's not work, I would like her to work hard if she has a dream that she wants to accomplish.
Ohkura: A housewife? I would like to have my wife to take care of the kids and do things at home.
Hina: If she says she wants to do work, I won't go against her. Let both of us work hard at work!
Yoko: I would like her to work. I would like for her to go outside and work.

Q24 If you get married, would you seperate the household chores?
Subaru: I have feelings of doing it, but there would be so many things I can't do.(laughs)
Ryo: I'll probably not do it (laugh), but it would be the best if we both can do it naturally.
Maru: I would like to help, but soon as I get home, I'll probably go to sleep....I'll do it when I can!
Yasu: I'll do everything I can do. I'll throw away trash and wash things too.
Ohkura: If she really says, "Let's seperate it!" then I will do it.(laughs)
Hina: Of course I'll seperate it. All of the household chores, I'm not bad at it.
Yoko: I won't do it on my own but if my wife says so, then I will.

Q25 When you get married, is bath first or food?
(In japan, back then or even now...the wife old fashionly asks, "Do you want to eat or do you want to take a bath first?")
Subaru: Wife is first!
Ryo: Heart is first♥
Maru: Food!
Yasu: If the food isn't ready, bath.
Ohkura: Unless it's that time, I won't know.
Hina: Depends on the day.
Yoko: I'm hungry so of course food!

Q26 Newly married, would you choose a condominium or a house to live?
Subaru: Condominium for that moment.
Ryo: In the beginning, condominium would be nice but eventually, a house.
Maru: It's a dream to have a house but buying it instantly and if we get divorced in the future, it'll be a problem.(laughs)
Yasu: A house, with a backyard. Of course we will have a dog!
Ohkura: In the beginning, condominium and when the family grows, moving into a house. Isn't that the most reliable idea?
Hina: First have a new marriage life in a condominium and then later on, buy a home.
Yoko: A house probably. I want a backyard also.

Q27 How would you liek to be called by your wife?
Subaru: "Subarin!"
Ryo: Like, "Ryotan". (laughs)
Maru: Ryuhei.
Yasu: "Shota-san". My parents say it like that so I'm always thinking that I want it to be like that too.
Ohkura: Tadayoshi.
Hina: "Anata" or "Anta". When she speaks with people outside of the home, I want her to say "Uchinon".
("Anata" or "Anta" means you but it's a way of wife calling your husband and "Uchinon" means mine in west side's accent. Japanese west side people say "Mine did this or that" as in "My husband did this or that"...it's hard to explain;;)
Yoko: "Papa". It's this when you get kids.

Q28 how would you like to be called by your kids?
Subaru: "Papa-chan!"
Ryo: "Ryo", like that. (laughs)
Maru: Not papa, father.
Yasu: "Shota-kun" or "Father"
Ohkura: Tacchon!
Hina: It's nice to be called Father but I would also like to be called "Shingo" by my kids.
Yoko: "Papa". I would definetly want this!

Q29 If your kids said that they want to go in the entertainment industry, would you agree or dissagree?
Subaru: I won't dissagree anything to what my kids say. Whatever they do, I'll help and support them.
Ryo: Hmm...I'll probably just say, good luck?
Maru: I'll agree with them. There's no reason to go against them. As a parent, I'll support them.
Yasu: I'll let them be responsible for saying they want to and I'll support them.
Ohkura: Sure, I'll support them. Good luck!!
Hina: "If you want to do it, you can but good luck on your own in that case."
Yoko: I think they can be if they want to but I'll tell them that it isn't going to be easy.

~Additional part~

Q30 new private life information
Subaru: My six years old niece is really liking me right now and when I open the door,
she comes to hug me and calling me "Babu kun!" Shes too cute!!! Ah, everyone calls me Babu-kun.

Ryo: Recently, I bought a trashcan for the kitchen and I'm addicted to seperating the trash.
When I started it, it started to become fun and thinking that it's good for the earth, I'll continue it from now on.

Maru: I invited my mother and we went to eat together, only the two of us.
It was the first time eating with only my mother. We both speakly openly to each other and it was fun,
also having some alcohol along with it.

Yasu: My ten months old niece is too darn cute. We play together often and even now, I want to see her!
I want to kiss her a lot but she's a girl and I thought it was bad to do that so I try to control myself.

Ohkura: I'm really bad with the cold weather so I bought a lot of clothes, small accesories and winter items.
I'm all prepared with defensing myself from the coming cold seasons.

Hina: A while ago I went to go eat with Yoko and Subaru, which we haven't done for over seven or eight years.
Eating korean BBQ and saying "It's good, it's good", we had a nice relaxing time and it was fun.

Yoko: I'm doing a drama with Nino from Arashi. I'm older than him but I have a role of
being the underclassmen of him and the producer said, "You normally look like a underclassman".

Translated by my friend Lena,
fixed grammer/spelling by my Mom
and some explanations by me :]
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katherinekatekatherinekate on March 6th, 2007 11:58 am (UTC)
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And Yoko's answers are so cute.
THANK YOU for sharing this translation and of course thanks to your great friend Lena and your amazing Mom too. *hugs you all*
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katherinekatekatherinekate on March 6th, 2007 12:30 pm (UTC)
Ryo was trying to worm out of giving any sensible answers wherever he could ... except for maybe saying he wanted to go to Hawaii and be called Ryo-tan. Yoko's answers were so sweet and even though they seemed silly, he was definitely taking it more seriously than Ryo.
Thanks again for always sharing your awesome translations with us.
(p_-|< Ayumi/KuraTa ]: Yokosubaru_wind8 on March 6th, 2007 07:36 pm (UTC)
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r j00 teh nwe pimp l0rdz?: PureEbilryoko293 on March 6th, 2007 01:33 pm (UTC)
Ryuhei and Hina really are the most grown-up and caring memebers when it comes to serious talking *Hina sometimes more than orenji* XD

Thanks to you, Lena and your mum <3 I enjoyed reading this very much~
(p_-|< Ayumi/KuraTa ]: Hinasubaru_wind8 on March 7th, 2007 02:30 am (UTC)
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DONUTnutchie on March 6th, 2007 01:45 pm (UTC)
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★高富帅★applesncrack on March 6th, 2007 01:53 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the translations *adds to memories*
Some of the answers are so adorable XD!! Their personality really shines through at times.

Oh I worry for Ryo, he's addicted to separating the trash and thinks that it is fun??!! *faints*
(p_-|< Ayumi/KuraTa ]: Subarusubaru_wind8 on March 7th, 2007 02:41 am (UTC)
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i wish i can be like that to my h.w....(T^T)
Lin: Tadayoshi 1mstomato on March 6th, 2007 04:39 pm (UTC)
it's so cute that Tacchon wants his kids to call him Tacchon xDD and SUBARIN~~~ XDDDDDD

thanks for translating *huggles*
(p_-|< Ayumi/KuraTa ]: Tadakura & Ryosubaru_wind8 on March 7th, 2007 02:43 am (UTC)
hahah i thought so too~ XD
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lots lots of thanks to my friend, Lena :]♥
national disgrace: hey babystepbackwards on March 6th, 2007 05:15 pm (UTC)
Interesting answers indeed.

LMAO @ Ryo's one answer: Being naked with a ribbon and saying like, "I'm your present" like that.

Oh how exciting that must be.
(p_-|< Ayumi/KuraTa ]: Ryosubaru_wind8 on March 7th, 2007 02:43 am (UTC)
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☆ローラ☆w2fphoenix on March 7th, 2007 05:17 am (UTC)
^_^ ahhh thank you thank you!!!
LOL...maru totally has a thing for gondalas ne~....
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∞ Niki ₮₩ttxryo_nic on March 7th, 2007 09:00 am (UTC)
haha..thanks lena thanks mummy n thank u!!for the time effort n hardwork..
this is so much love.i got lol when i saw ryo's answer..n not mentioning yasu's..he is jus too good/sweet to b true..yoko's answers are too hillarious..baru ILU2much,tachhon lets go somewhere tat snows..HINA b my anata!..MARU im wearing black dress waist tighten yo,wil you hug me too?
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(p_-|< Ayumi/KuraTa ]: Tadakura subaru_wind8 on March 12th, 2007 12:02 am (UTC)
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samiancha on March 7th, 2007 10:11 am (UTC)
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i'll start translating HEY!x3 next time hope you'll like that(^v^)b
yamashita_miu on October 9th, 2007 07:00 pm (UTC)
i think i became a marufangirl XD
newcellienewcellie on February 22nd, 2010 03:40 pm (UTC)
thank you so much for this..
your mom helped you..how nice <3