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Translation of part of Mugendai no Gimon: Hina's manly saide

This is some old clip that I found from YouTube HERE. I thought it was really funny so I should share it with translation even though I'm middle of doing my homework XD This clip is from "Mugendai no Gimon" but I'm not sure when was it;;
So mainly, they were taking the psychological test of how manly you are and Hina got the most un-manly, and Subaru ask him to show his manly side X]

-If you got 0 to 2 checks on your test; your type is the woman who wears man's mask.-

Subaru: "Well, you are the most un-manly, so please give as an excuse for that"
Hina: "Ok"
Subaru: "Go ahead"
Hina: "Oh, right now!?"
Subaru: "Yea, just show off your manly side!"
Hina: "Eh!!!??"
*Everybody burst at laughing*
Subaru: "Don't you see? You're the picture for the camera-san"
(Subaru called the camera with -san XD I think thats kinda cute :])
Hina: "Yea, that one right?" *point at the camera*
Subaru: "Um...the manly side....please show it off"
Hina: "Ok.....Eh!!? Sorry wait for second...What?"
*Everybody burst at laughing so hard*
Ryo: "Because now, your image is kinda down"
Subaru: "Right, right"
Hina: "But to be honest, I don't think my image went down..."
Subaru: "Well yea maybe that's true but!!! For a man, this is not right!!"
(Subaru is getting all serious lol Look at Yoko and Maru XD)
Hina: "Ah, yes yes"
Subaru: "So please show yourself off"
Hina: "Yes, yes...Oi~su!!!(!?)"
*Audience clapping their hands*
(I wonder what is Ryo's expression means :P)
Subaru: "Miss, Miss! How was it?"
Host lady: "Uhhhh, do you want to do it again?"
*Subaru laughs*
Hina: "Eh~!!? What the...what should I do then!!!??"
Subaru: "I'm telling you so many times already! The manly side, get it?"
Hina: "Why do you care!? It doesn't matter to me!"
Subaru: "No, maybe for you but look!"
*Shows Hina the test boards*
Hina: "Yea"
Subaru: "You only got two of them"
Hina: "Why does it matter from this little test!!!!"
(He got pissed~ XD)
Subaru: "That is why you should show off your manly side"
Hina: "I AM NOT A WOMAN!!"
Subaru: "No, no I know"
Uchi: "Calm down"
Hina: "What!! So should I just take off my pants to prove it!!?"
*Everybody were laughing the whole time especially Uchi lol*

I love this lol now I should go back to do my h.w. :P
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