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Translation of HEY!x3 Telephone Box

HEY!03 Telephone Box is the one short corner from HEY!03.
This telephone box appears on everywhere all the sudden and tries to figure out the real face of artist without foresight!!

HEY! HEY! HEY! Telephone Box

Today's guest is...Kanjani8 (Yu Yokoyama and Shingo Murakami)

Yoko: "Oh, what the heck is this?"
*The phone rings*
Hina: "Wow"
Yoko: "Someone is calling"
Phone: "Kanjnai8-san"
Hina: "Oh!"
Phone: "Kanjnai8-san it's you call"
Yoko: "Should I just pick it up?"
Phone: "It's your call"
*Yoko picked up the phone*
Phone: "Hello Kanjnai8-san"
Yoko and Hina: "Hello"
Phone: "This is HEY!03 Telephone Box"
Hina: "Ahh!!"
Yoko: "Uo~i!" (!? He always makes weird sounds lol)
Yoko: "It has been a long time since we went there last"
Hina: "Phew, I thought we won't be on HEY!03 this year"
Phone: "Oh, how come the other members is not there?"
Yoko: "Eh, ah...why did you ask about others?"
*Hina laughs*
Yoko: "Right now is only two of us"
Phone: "Um, where is Nishikido-kun?"
Hina: "Oh you're going that way huh? I knew it"
Yoko: "Drama. His recording a drama right now!"
Phone: "Can you please call him over here?"
*Yoko and Hina laughs weirdly exactly the same time*
(Which is I thought it's really funny lol)
Hina: "That made me pissed for some reason (laughs)"
Yoko: "Do you know that we are Johnny's?"
Phone: "Of course"
Hina: "That's good that you know"
Yoko: "Please treat us the way to talk to Johnny's"
Phone: "Excuse me for being rude"
Phone: "Anyhow, how was this year for Kanjnai8?"
Yoko: "This year was live's year"
Hina: "Yea"
Yoko: "We were doing concerts all day"
Hina: "Yea"
Yoko: "It was a good year"
Hina: "That's right"
Yoko: "Next year, we'll try to be on TV a lot"
Hina: "Ah yea"
Yoko: "Yea, we were saying that a while ago"
Phone: "Then come to HEY!03 too"
Hina: "Of course, we want to go there"
Yoko: "But are you saying that for truth? Recently it's always KAT-TUN"
Phone: "...No that's not true"
Hina: "You took a while to reply. It was pretty long too"
Phone: "Well, therefore here is the question"
Yoko: "Yes"
Phone: "Who is your rival at JE?"
Yoko: "(To Hina) Who do you think?"
Hina: "Well I guess the public think that it's KAT-TUN"
Yoko: "Murakami said KAT-TUN but I didn't say it"
*Hina giggles*
Phone: "I see"
Yoko: "Yes. Murakami said that"
Hina: "No, there is word meaning of two as one"
Yoko: "Yokoyama didn't say anything"
Phone: "Yokoyama-san how about you?"
Yoko: "For me it's...YamaP"
Hina: "(Amazed) Why?"
(look at his face XD)
Yoko: "I guess our character is so alike"
Hina: "What the heck!?"
*Yoko laughs*
Hina: "You surprised me"
Yoko: "Yea I thought so...Oops I joke too much"
*Hina laughs*
Yoko: "I might get scold by for this. I'm sorry"
Phone: "Next question is about the last time you came to HEY!03, you guys said that 'our dream is to be one of the best entertainers'"
Hina: "Oh yea we did say that"
Yoko: "Yes"
~Play back - 05.9.19 O.A.~
Host: "For you guys, what do you mean by the best industry entertainer?"
Hina: "Oh, he has more (points at Yoko)"
Yoko: "Well to simply explain it, its when the manager stays with us all the time"
Hina: "We want the manager that'll be our permanent one."
Yoko: "There's one dream that I have"
Hosts: "Yes"
Yoko: "That I want a manager that'll wake me up in the morning"
Yoko: "The manager comes down to my house and he calls me on the morning and say, 'Yokoyama-san, are you awake already?'"
Hosts: "Yea"
Yoko: "But when he says that, I want to tell him once that, 'Shut up you moron' and hang up on him"
*laughs extremely*
~Finish play back~
Phone: "From then, did you guys got the manager who works exclusively?"
Yoko: "Eh, it's subtle"
Hina: "Yea, it's still subtle"
Yoko: "He come to the spot...I mean he'll send us to the spot"
Hina: "Yes"
Yoko: "But he leaves right away"
Hina: "Yup that's right"
Yoko: "He sais that he have other work to do"
Yoko: "The other day during work, he told me 'Can you hurry?"
*Hina laughs extremely*
Hina: "That is such a lie"
Yoko: "No I'm serious"
*Hina laughs extremely again*
Kanfu Fighting CD~

Thanks to my friend, Lena and my Mom to check my grammer/spelling(^^)v
Tags: translation of tv shows

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