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translation of part of Muchaburi (Guest: Crystal Kay)

I thought this is funny so I translated :]

Muchaburi Gara02 Talk
Guest: Crystal Kay

Yoko: "Ready? Say!"
All: "What is coming out, out? What is coming out?" (in the rhythm)
Yoko: "Oh, this is good"
Hina: "What is it?"
Yoko: "The question is 'Whose your favorite type in our group?'"
*K8 getting excited"
Kay: "Then please close your eyes"
*K8 getting high and Kay laughs"
Hina: "So you gonna tap us?"
Kay: "Yes"
Yasu: "Should we put our hand at front?"
Hina: "Oh yea let's do that"
*Kay laughs*
Yoko: "Let's go with 'Friends' first!"
Ryo: "Friends, Boyfriend and what else?"
Yoko: "Friends, Boyfriend and a..... second cousin"
Ryo: "Ok, ok"
Ohkura: (Fell to the sofa) "That's awful!"
Yoko: "You'll only meet a second cousin in like once a year"
Ryo: "Ah, I see"
Maru: "How about a husband?"
Kay: "Ah~"
Yoko: "Husband? Ok, well then what should we do?!"
*Hina smack Yoko's head*
Hina: "You decide!"
Commentator: "She'll rank Kanjani8 as Husband to a second cousin"
Kay: "Ok then I'll tap four people"
Yoko: "Yes"
Hina: "Yes, four people"
Yasu: "When I can open my eyes?"
Hina: "When it finished all of them"
Yoko: "When you finish, please tell us Cri(Crystal)-chan"
Yasu: "Yea please tell us"
*Kay tap Ohkura's hand*
Yoko: "Cri-chan, say 'Ok' when it's ok"
*Kay tap Maru's hand*
Hina: "Ok?"
*Kay tap Yasu's hand
Yoko: "Ok?"
*People just won't stop laughing*
Yoko: "Ahhhh please hurry!"
*Kay tap Suaru's hand*
Kay: "Ok! Ok!"
(Look at Subaru XD)
Hina: "Boyfriend! Let's go with boyfriend next!!"
Ryo: (Pulls Ohkura's arm) "Here, everybody put your hands"
(Ohkura XDDD hahah)
Yoko: (laughs) "Hey, 'just a friend'"
*Kay laughs*
Ryo: "Oh theres another one of 'just a friend'" (points at Subaru)
Hina: "'Just a friend'! Here, 'just a friend's put your hands too!!"
Kay: "One person..."
Yoko: "You still have 'Husband' and a 'second cousin' after this"
Hina: "Yup"
Yoko: "A second cousin is only for once a year"
*Kay tap Ryo's hand and Ryo clench one's fist in triumph*
Yoko: "Eh, did someone already got tapped?"
Maru: "Did it?"
Yasu: "I heard the tapped sounds"
Hina: "Done?"
Yasu: "Done? Done?"
Hina: "I guess so"
*Still people are laughing*
Ryo: (With huge smiles) "Eh~ who is it!?"
Hina: "So obvious!!"
Ryo: "Who~" (laughs)
Hina: "It's only the two of us now"
Yoko: "Then let's do it, only us"
Hina: "We'll just stand at the front"
Yoko: "Ok"
Hina: "Oh god, my heart is beating so fast!"
Yoko: "This is much more nervous than Johnny's audition"
Hina: (laughs) "Yea, seriously"
Kay: "Ok, I'll go for a husband..."
*She chose Hina*
*Hina got so hyper and everybody laughed*
Ohkura: (Points at Yoko) "A second cousin, he's a second cousin" (laughs)
Subaru: "Second cousin!" (laughs)
Yasu: "Second cousin-san!"
Ryo: "How pitiful"
Yoko: "Well why did you chose Hina for a husband?"
Kay: "I thought it'll be fun"
Hina: "Oh really?"
Kay: "Well everybody seems to be having fun so it was really a hard decision"
Hina: "Ohh"
Yoko: "Wait, then why am I okay with once a year?"
*Hina tries to make him calm*
Yoko: "I talk a lot too"
Hina: "You talk way too much"
*Yoko laughs*

*I'm very sorry for not doing the MC translation (12.25.06 in Nagoya) for so long;;;
My friend, Lena and I are currently translating them. Still, it might take awhile...Im terribly sorry(T^T)
But I think this translation will be the BEST one so please, wait patiently.*
Tags: translation of tv shows

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