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K8's Translation Page

Most of them are translation :]

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(p_-|< Ayumi/KuraTa ]
29 May



Born in Osaka, May 29, 1991.
i dont have those Asian or Japanese pride
but i sure DO have an Osaka pride XD
Movin back to Japan soon for my job,
Music Video Producer at Tokyo.
My dream is to meet Kanjani8 and work with them
so i can be meant little something to them.
i want to pay them back for what they've done for me :]

i love men's fashion than girl's.
Keiichiro Koyama is my fashion leader.
i dont share/tell my life problems to anyone.
i think about others first than myself.
i treasure my precious friends.
i dont get along well with people in first time met.

I'm addicted to Kanjani8.
My favorite artist/dance unit is w-inds.
They taught me how to smile
and gave me courage to move on forward.
They means a lot to me.

All of the translations that I have posted are translated by me,
helped by my friend Angelica, Lena, and by my Mom.
Please thank them more than me.
I couldn't have done the translations without their help :]

※You can post or use my posts and translations elsewhere but
( subaru_wind8 or 'http://subaru-wind8.livejournal.com')
and notify me by messaging or leave comment on the post that you used.※

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